Playable Race: Cepahabe

Another race write-up for my homebrew world. They may seem familiar to some of you. Per usual, the cepahabe are written up for old-school games, but I think oughta be easy enough to adapt to whatever. I got this whole format and everything from Coins and Scrolls, and have been having a lot of fun … Continue reading Playable Race: Cepahabe


Playable Race: Blyndu

Here's another race I sketched up for my homebrew world. The blyndu are a flying, communal intelligence, and also can be real go-getter daredevils. They might be fun if you want something a little different, but shouldn't be too hard to play. They're written up for old-school games, but you should be able to adjust … Continue reading Playable Race: Blyndu

Playable Race: Ageeg

I've sketched out a race that's meant to be a little more nonhuman for folks who want something a little different, but with enough familiarity (hopefully) that players and GMs can pick 'em up and use 'em relatively easily in games. The format below is definitely ripped off fr--er, inspired by--the excellent work of Skerples … Continue reading Playable Race: Ageeg