Playable Race: Gulnis

Another raceintended for my homebrew world. I wanted something nonhuman but relatable, and hopefully these fit that niche. The gulnis are naturally aggressive, carnivorous, and not afraid of a tussle, so might fit in where you need a "warrior race", but hopefully without being too insipid. The gulnis are made for oldschool games, like Spiked … Continue reading Playable Race: Gulnis

Campaign Location: The City-State of Kruatte

KRUATTE Where is it? In the Marching Rock Vale, at the confluence of the Dreaming River and the Merciful Braids. Tusri is day and half by sail (or 10 hours by steam paddler) up the Dreaming River, and Olamlar is about a week's ride away on a well-maintained road network that drifts slowly toward the … Continue reading Campaign Location: The City-State of Kruatte

Playable Race: Ageeg

I've sketched out a race that's meant to be a little more nonhuman for folks who want something a little different, but with enough familiarity (hopefully) that players and GMs can pick 'em up and use 'em relatively easily in games. The format below is definitely ripped off fr--er, inspired by--the excellent work of Skerples … Continue reading Playable Race: Ageeg