Sufficient Ruination

Sufficient Ruination Hulaka is ruined. Hulaka continues to be ruined afresh. It is a place where riches and danger are thoroughly intermixed in a matrix of desolation. It is a place for the desperate, the mad. For you. MAYBE Hulaka was a Potemkin village created to defraud interstellar investors; a planet made to look as … Continue reading Sufficient Ruination

Playable Race: Gulnis

Another raceintended for my homebrew world. I wanted something nonhuman but relatable, and hopefully these fit that niche. The gulnis are naturally aggressive, carnivorous, and not afraid of a tussle, so might fit in where you need a "warrior race", but hopefully without being too insipid. The gulnis are made for oldschool games, like Spiked … Continue reading Playable Race: Gulnis