Free Map: Trino II

Here’s another crude world map you can use if you want. Change it up however, use it wherever, even commercially if you feel like it. I’d love to hear about it if anyone uses it. External validation feeds the guttering flames of my sense of self. Am I right, middle children?

If you need a name, you can call it Trino II, but you can call it whatever you want.

As pictured here, Trino II is a roughly Earth-sized world largely covered in desert, with huge barren stretches in the equatorial regions. As one moves towards the poles, the deserts quickly become rich with the sort of life one expects to see in such places, and hardy plants begin to appear.

Small seas, formed by water trapped by iron-rich lava plains, are surrounded for hundreds of miles by thriving xerosere communities, the whole region red with iron oxide.

Xeric shrublands take over as one moves closer to the poles, with savannas appearing here and there. In the north and south are two oceans, shallow compared to our own, surrounded by a mix of savanna and tropical forest. Rainforests thrive on some polar islands. In the north, air currents create a rainless area and a large, sandy desert furthest away from the northern ocean (left and right at the top of the map).

A smaller desert cuts into the vegetation around the southern seas, this one occupying the upper reaches immense plateau that forms its own rain shadow (left of the seas at the bottom of the map, at the border of the green area), with clouds forming on its steep eastern slopes and raining out before they can reach the top.

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